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By increasing the flexi-cells in the 700 Series we have enhanced the Plasma Core, thereby giving the user greater flexibility to sleep in different positions. You can move effortlessly from your back to your side, while maintaining the highest level of support. The Sleep Haven Bed is great for someone who likes a firmer feel. It has all the Plasma support and comfort to align your spine for an incredible night sleep.

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The Sleep Haven by Plasmabed has the ability to provide firm support for your back while reducing the pressure on your hips and shoulders. A perfect marriage of both allows the flexibility to sleep on your side and back while maintaining proper spinal alignment. Comes in a sumptuous baby crème colour with newbuck ultra suede bevel and edging.

Plasma material has shown a significant reduction in interface pressure. Due to the floation effect of the Plasma material, pressure is dissipated away from the points of contact, relieving pressure points on one's shoulders, hips and lower legs, while maintaining proper alignment.

The Plasmabed helps reduce the need to toss and turn because of its unique ability to support and distribute your body weight evenly across the surface of the mattress, aiding to relieve fatigue and stress on all parts of the body. The Plasmabed is completely CFC and Formaldehyde free, making its hypo-allergenic construction excellent for anyone wanting a healthy sleeping surface.

•7" profile

•Crème velour cover is removable for washing.

•Exclusive, one-sided design means no flipping.

•Non-skid bottom keeps mattress in place.

•Allergen and dust-mite resistant secondary liner.

•Pairs with Ivory MicroSuede Foundation (sold separately).

•Compatible with Plasmabed Wave adjustable base.

Plasmabed mattresss come in all standard North American sizes as well, custom sizes are available.

Standard sizes include but are not limited to; single, single xl, double, double xl, queen, split queen, king, split king, california king, split california king.