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The Renewal iComfort is designed with Cool Action™ memory foam infused with the cooling touch of gel to create a comfortable, more supportive and cooler sleep experience. The Cool Action™ Dual Effects® material contains millions of Serta’s MicroSupport® and MicroCool+™ gel beads that are infused into our own premium, open-cell memory foam. This proprietary process creates an extremely breathable and supportive memory foam that helps dissipate heat away from the body. This bed is ideal for those who want the benefits of memory foam, but prefer a firm mattress.
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  • Enhanced with both Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam and new exclusive EverFeel™ Technology for a difference you’ll feel the moment you lie down
  • Sera's Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam keeps your body temperature cool and reduces pressure points
  • Comfort Last® core with Ultimate Edge® Support has a firmer edge support so you have better support over every inch of the mattress
  • Serta’s Cool Action™ Dual Effects® material combines an open cell structure with our exclusive MicroCool+ gel to significantly increase airflow and the ability to dissipate heat. Together these properties help whisk heat away from the body.